What I Learned After Beating Suicide

I dislike articles that generalize everyone else with the reader’s own experience, so I will write what I have personally experienced after battling severe depression on a few different occasions. 1) Those Feelings Didn’t Just “Go Away” It takes a lot of fighting and a hell of a lot of work to get to a […]

Why I Became Depressed

I once thought that I was bipolar. Since finally establishing myself in a more favourable situation these past few months with a home in the city of my dreams by the ocean, a living space free of loud/boisterous/needy/messy people, freedom to do my own thing with no one breathing down my back, I have been feeling […]

Her Depression Diaries: Am I Just A Ticking Time Bomb?

I’m sorry. I was supposed to post about how therapy has helped me… well, clearly I have not found the right therapist yet, because these ups and downs continue to plague me. I mean, why was I even going to bother when just three weeks ago, I was suicidal again. That being said, I really […]

What I Told Myself to Live For Yesterday

I want to dye my hair purple I really want to see the world There has to be someone out there who will respect me and care about my happiness and love making me laugh… I need to write more books I love sunsets Music is wonderful. It won’t be with me when I am dead.