Sometimes, It’s Those Quiet Ones…

All right, so I’ve sort of been back and forth with the idea that I might be bipolar, but then I’ll just sum my varying moods (Which cycle from very low/depressed/reflective to very euphoric/creative) up to being an INFP. I took a bipolar self screening test today and I scored quite high on the likelihood that […]

The Mild/Moderate Depression Aftermath

Something I’ve also learned since going through (And overcoming) severe depression is that sometimes we don’t notice that we are still depressed, simply because we feel so much better than we did before. While a more mild form of depression is not normally dangerous, it can turn into something worse (Thus, something more dangerous) if […]

Her Depression Diaries: Am I Just A Ticking Time Bomb?

I’m sorry. I was supposed to post about how therapy has helped me… well, clearly I have not found the right therapist yet, because these ups and downs continue to plague me. I mean, why was I even going to bother when just three weeks ago, I was suicidal again. That being said, I really […]

Her Depression Diaries: Suicidal Thoughts

The first thoughts I had of suicide began in the summer of 2013. It was really scary. Since I had left my spa job at the Delta and moved to a small town called Canmore, I had decided I was ready to more “open” with guys after such a long break from dating. I was […]

Her Depression Diaries: When It All Began

A good dose of melancholy and quirkiness have always been two of my “gifts”. Having an affinity to think deeply, imagine insane worlds and high-stakes situations, as well as feel emotions immensely are good things that help my creativity to write stories. Depression and biploar issues, on the other hand, aren’t very much fun for […]

What I Told Myself to Live For Yesterday

I want to dye my hair purple I really want to see the world There has to be someone out there who will respect me and care about my happiness and love making me laugh… I need to write more books I love sunsets Music is wonderful. It won’t be with me when I am dead.  

Don’t Give Up

Dear Reader, The fact that you are here right now is a miracle. On a cosmic scale, our lives are but a moment. Yet, every single human that has ever lived on the earth has their own hopes, ambitions, and quirks. Our lives are so dynamic and ever-changing. Think of others who have died well […]