What I Learned After Beating Suicide

I dislike articles that generalize everyone else with the reader’s own experience, so I will write what I have personally experienced after battling severe depression on a few different occasions. 1) Those Feelings Didn’t Just “Go Away” It takes a lot of fighting and a hell of a lot of work to get to a […]

Depression Self-Therapy: It’s Worth A Try

Self-Therapy Well, I am going to try a little experiment. Since, so far, therapy has not worked very well and antidepressants did not work at all, other than the first two weeks of feeling… almost unemotional… I want to try some self-therapy and see how it works. I will document my progress, and determine if […]

Her Depression Diaries: Antidepressants

I went to speak with a doctor about a seemingly unrelated issue with my body. I thought I had Celiac, or, at the very least, a gluten intolerance. My stomach bloated nearly every time I ate something, which was either high in carbs or high in salt. I felt nauseous, very fatigued, dizzy, and stressed. […]

Her Depression Diaries: Suicidal Thoughts

The first thoughts I had of suicide began in the summer of 2013. It was really scary. Since I had left my spa job at the Delta and moved to a small town called Canmore, I had decided I was ready to more “open” with guys after such a long break from dating. I was […]

Her Depression Diaries: When It All Began

A good dose of melancholy and quirkiness have always been two of my “gifts”. Having an affinity to think deeply, imagine insane worlds and high-stakes situations, as well as feel emotions immensely are good things that help my creativity to write stories. Depression and biploar issues, on the other hand, aren’t very much fun for […]