let me go

I savoured the sound of your heart beat against my ear as I lay my head on your chest. Finally together, drunk, but holding one another. I knew it may not last, deep down, so that is why I paid  special attention to your touch, and kissed your cheek. But you hurt me. If I […]

On Friday, Anita Sarkeesian called out “toxic masculinity” on Twitter. Here’s what happened next.

Originally posted on we hunted the mammoth:
Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitter mentions (Artist’s conception) What a surreal life Anita Sarkeesian must lead, in which virtually everything she says and does becomes grist for the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine, Sarkeesian Division. Take the latest blowup, which followed a few comments Sarkeesian made in the wake of…

To Study Psychology

I’ve been pondering seriously studying psychology for over a year now. Some days, I feel so impatient to study it that I have to calm myself down. I have a lot of anxiety and disappointment about my career life, mostly because I didn’t pursue a psychology degree in the first place. I chose general science […]