What It Was Really Like Being Married To An Evangelical Christian

Not all of the abusiveness was due to him being a religious fanatic, but his harshness and threatening behaviour intensified the more deeply rooted in the Bible he became. His abuse turned more psychological in the end. When he was newer in the faith, his abuse was more physical/physically threatening.

I did stay with him for far too long, but I did finally leave the marriage that I was told to stay in because it’s regarded as some sort of religious institution.

I am not writing this to mock him or to make a spectacle of him, but to show a small glimpse of what many Christian men actually think of women and marriage. He is a person who needed a lot of help, and I tried to help him because I saw him trying, but in the end, I needed to be free.

“I could beat you up, but you’re still talking to me like that?”

“When you get in line and prepare a chicken dinner, then I’ll maybe cook a chicken dinner one time.”

“Satan, I cast you out of my wife!” *While holding me down*

“I will not allow a closet abortionist to live in my home.”

“If you provoke me, I will spank you. You’re asking for it.”

“Because we need to respect the Old Testament, we need to abide by the teachings of not touching a woman when it’s that time of the month.”

“You watch what you say to me.” *While giving me a death glare.*

“You have to submit to me!”

“Taking birth control pills is like having an abortion, because it can still kill a fertilized egg.”

“It is God’s will for you to have children. It is everyone’s purpose.”

“You have to stop taking birth control!” *While hitting the steering wheel.*

“Wow, you’re becoming quite a feminist…”

“The husband IS the head of the household!”

“I am the final decision maker.”

“You have the spirit of rebellion all over you.”

“What is on you?!” *While holding me down*

It is a wonder that I stayed with him at all.

This is how some people can become damaged: When their religion tells them to stay in a marriage that is hurting them.


4 thoughts on “What It Was Really Like Being Married To An Evangelical Christian

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Good that you had the strength after all that to get out of that situation. Religious fanatacism really damages peoples’ minds, no matter what religion they espouse.

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