I Want To Be Single Right Now…

There is one thing that I find quite strange about people I have come across while living here, and it’s that they always seem to assume that I want a relationship with someone. I guess they expect me to follow stereotypical female behaviour? Or, they can’t fathom that I just want to make friends, maybe develop a crush or two and have fun? It’s so strange, even when I repeatedly tell the same people that I am not looking for a relationship “at the moment* they will still bring it up again the next time it comes up, and they say things like, “He’s young, he’s allowed to be a player” or “He isn’t ready” etc. and I am standing there like, “What the hell? Did I not tell you that I don’t want a relationship?!”

I am not someone who would go into a relationship with someone without even knowing them, which to me would be for a couple of months at least. And personally, I am single and still young, in travel mode, and summer is coming… I honestly just want to be free and have fun myself. Not looking for a relationship.

I suppose that some people will just never listen to or believe what you tell them. And in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter if they get you wrong, as long as you don’t get yourself wrong. The only time that it bothers me is when they have to bring up irrelevant conversations about a guy I barely even think about and then tell me that I still like him, when I don’t.

I guess I’ll just have to stop these conversations in their tracks to avoid more pointless debates about people whom I’ve moved on from.

Of course I want a meaningful, connected relationship down the road full of respect and amazing chemistry, but not now. I just wish I could make people see that as well so that they would leave me alone and stop telling me what I want, when I don’t really want it.

Haha males are not the only ones who just want to have fun and not be committed.


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