Her Depression Diaries: Going off Antidepressants

The Negative Aspects I’ve Experienced

I have been on antidepressants for nearly three months, and just last week I had three days where I felt so low, so sad and hopeless, that I wanted to die. Antidepressants have not been helping me all that much. Maybe they kick in more after a longer period of time… but I personally do not like the nausea that goes along with taking them. In addition, they cost quite a lot of money and I can’t even afford to buy this months’ supply anyway. Other bills and the child I am sponsoring have already been allotted for, and so I thought “Why keep buying these pills when they’re not helping that much?”

A Couple of Positive Things

I’ve noticed a certain numbness when people say offensive things, and I am not as angry as I was before I went on medication. It’s more of a calm offensiveness than face burning anger. I also feel a little less stressed on medication. But it has not helped me cope with my major depression. My suicidal thoughts are just as strong as they had been before I began taking antidepressants.

Time to Stop
So, I am finishing my pills in 11 days. I am a little worried about experiencing withdrawal symptoms, but the negative side effects and the lack of effectiveness are very good reasons to stop taking them.

I will be focusing more on therapy, eating healthy, taking supplements, and enrolling in a fitness class. Wish me luck….

As mentioned in my last depression entry, I will be writing about therapy and how it has benefited me.


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