Standing With “One Billion Rising” Today <3

Sara Kjeldsen Writes

I am sad that I was unable to attend the “One Billion Rising” campaign in Banff today because of work. Which was a beautiful display of unity where people peacefully occupied the skating rink with signs in support of women and to publicly show their support for the cause. I bought a handmade bracelet whose proceeds will fund a child’s school supplies for an entire year as a small way to help a girl go to school, but I really want to do so much more!

I still want to be a part of V-Day by showing my support in the fight of violence against women. Yes, violence has not only one gender, but it is a disturbing fact that 1 in 3 women around the world will be physically assaulted in her life time. In my small home city a couple of years ago, 300 cases of domestic abuse/violence…

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