The War on Birth Control

Birth control should not only be available to all women, I believe it should also be covered by the government to ensure that people are able to access it despite income level or social status. It saddens me that there is even a controversy about birth control being available in third world countries. This whole debate stems from none other than Catholics and extreme Christians. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has and will save thousands of lives by giving over 120 million women in poor countries access to contraceptives. While they do not currently support individual causes, they offer grants to organizations that will provide people with the power to control their sexual health.

Not only would this help prevent the spread of HIV, but it will also reduce unwanted pregnancies to give women and families control over their quality of life and well-being. Any religion that places “God’s will” over saving the life and health of people should be questioned. Children are a blessing when they are wanted. It is not a blessing to be pregnant with your eight child with no access to clean water, health services, or regular meals. The entire family suffers, and millions of women die every year from childbirth and unsafe abortions. Millions of men, women, and children lose their lives to AIDS every year as well. How could someone speak out against Planned Parenthood and organizations started by Melinda Gates when they help save lives?

Unfortunately, abortion is always going to be debated as long as religion exists, but certainly even the most dogmatic bigot could not be in support of spreading the AIDs virus due to discouraging use of condoms. While this war on family planning continues, it makes me feel some relief that some of the women in these developing countries are finally getting access to contraceptives and better healthcare. So much more needs to be done on this, but it is good to see change in the right direction.

When I finally get some savings under my belt, I will make it my priority to donate to and support efforts to provide people with access to birth control that will not only potentially save a life, but to help them to pursue their own goals and dreams without having to be forced to give birth and stay entrapped in their poverty.

On a final note, I notice there’s a disturbing tendency of first world people who oppose organizations such as Planned Parenthood to buy whatever the fuck they want. They wallow in their personal belongings and pretend that it’s totally okay for families of ten to starve to death on the other side of the world, because at least they aren’t going against “God’s will.”



2 thoughts on “The War on Birth Control

  1. Nice blog post! As Marxists, we understand that the opposition to birth control and abortion rights for women under the capitalist system springs from the property rights underlying that system, which posit that the right of property-owning men to produce heirs to inherit their property trumps womens rights to determine their own destiny. Under capitalism, women are, essentially, the property of men. We heartily recommend “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State” by Friedrich Engels to all your readers; it will help clarify the rationale behind the many irrational-seeming reasons why womens’ right to abortion services and contraceptives still faces so much opposition even in supposedly “advanced” “first-world” countries. Only after capitalism is overthrown and replaced by an egalitarian socialist workers republic can the rights of women, gay and transgender people be finally – and permanently! – placed on an equal footing with those of men. What are we waiting for? Workers of the World, Unite!

    • Interesting perspective, and it makes sense. I am not for capitalism at all, and you just have me another reason to disagree with it. I think that there are some religious people who genuinely believe that abortion is murder and they’re thinking of the lost “life” of the baby (fetus) and placing it above the well-being of the mother.

      But you’re so correct about capitalism undermining women. It makes sense why the Republicans are generally against pro-choice and reproductive rights for women. They are also pro capitalist.

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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