Young and Beautiful, Is All They See


Woman In Burka 2
by xManuelx

Her hazel eyes are eager to learn. Her lips long to speak of thoughts and ideas she’s kept bottled inside for so long. Her body is slender from hours of walking to collect water from the well, but she longs to travel the world. Studying abroad is her dream. But her family is poor.

The young men see a prize when they look at her, but do they see her mind that is occupied with hopes of continuing her education? She just wants a chance to live her dreams, to be someone who matters.

Young and beautiful. Is that all they really see?

She will be married in two weeks. Pregnant within a year. Maybe two, if she’s lucky. She’ll have to fight to hold on to the hope of living out her dreams, as she watches her parents, siblings, and closest friends discourage her ambitions and urge her into drudgery.

She prays for a helping hand, but she never receives one.


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