Signs You Need To Pull Yourself Together

1) You know you’re in a rut when you come home to a messy, smelly kitchen just four hours after you cleaned it. Lazy room mates. Time to move to a better place.
2) Your own therapist seems a little baffled when you say that you “still feel trapped” in your job, your living space, etc.
3) You had to call and ask for the government to offer you “repayment assistance” on your student loan. For the second time.
4) You realize it’s been months since you said you would start that marketing campaign for your book… and it isn’t likely going to happen until the new year.
5) Coworkers look at you strangely because you pass up on extra hours at work since you can’t mentally handle being there for more than 5 hours.
6) People ask you to do fun things that you would normally join in on, but you just never feel up for social interaction these days.
7) You go to apply for healthcare in Alberta, but you lost your Driver’s License, so you have to come back… when you can get around to renewing that first…
8) One day you feel hopeful and inspired, the next day, all you feel is agitated or sleepy.
9) You didn’t get a call back from that interview you thought you aced.
10) You seem to run out of money within a week, yet you haven’t bought that much. (See #5 and #9).

Bottom line:

Live in a place where privacy is respected and hopefully with room mates that help clean up, once in a while.

Either keep working at the tools the therapist gave, or seek out a more patient therapist.

There are times in life when you need to put off paying down debt until you are financially fit to do so.

Make plans to market books once a stable, full time job is achieved.

Land a new job that is enjoyable. It’s out there!

Sometimes, you need time to yourself. It’s part of life. Wait until you’re feeling socially energetic again to join in with people.

Take care of the Driver’s License renewal first, obtain new address info, and then get the healthcare coverage.

Accept that it’s okay to feel down sometimes. Look forward to a better job and living arrangement to keep mindset more positive.

Some employers lack the ability to see who would make the best employee. Wait for the one that will hire you and give you a chance.

The money thing is a huge issue. Even though it’s going to be hard, ask to stay later at work and it will pay off in the long run. Realistically, this shouldn’t last more than two weeks with the rate I’ve been applying for new jobs.

Ah! There. Glad I got all of that out of the way. 😉


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