On Being Understood, or, Misunderstood

There’s a silly quote circulating about women yet again, making them appear superficial and needy. Ah, here it is. “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” ― Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories This is wrong. In my case, anyway. Oh, how I detest generalizations about people. And the […]

Drone Attacks on Pakistani Civillians

Bibi Mamana was in her 60’s when a drone attack killed her last October. She was a grandmother, gardening and collecting firewood for her grandchildren, caring for their livestock, when two drones struck, and she was torn apart. Her grandchildren had to be hospitalized for their injuries. “At the sound of the explosion, Mamana’s grandson […]

Fantasy Prone Personality

Fantasy Prone Personality – Can It Be Linked to Mood Disorders? One large section of my personality is fantasy prone. This means that I am subject to vivid day dreams and imaginings, several times throughout the day. Of course, most writers and artists possess this characteristic in varying degrees. This is certainly not to be […]

What I Told Myself to Live For Yesterday

I want to dye my hair purple I really want to see the world There has to be someone out there who will respect me and care about my happiness and love making me laugh… I need to write more books I love sunsets Music is wonderful. It won’t be with me when I am dead.