Million Dollar Preacher

Do you ever wonder why there are so many “Christian” books, shows, DVDs, and CDs about obtaining wealth and becoming a personal success to enjoy the fruits of God’s blessings before reaching Heaven? I find it so ironic now that I am away from the circular pull of modern Christianity. The essence of Christianity is Jesus’ teachings. Jesus taught about helping the poor, loving others, not to retaliate, to go into the world and preach the Gospel. He never said anything about becoming so wealthy that you don’t have enough room for your four brand new cars or you need to hire a maid to clean that new mansion.

Would not a true follower of Jesus give most of their wealth to the poor or to causes and charities? Would they not be putting most of their efforts into helping put an end to violence and poverty while, at the very least, spreading the Word of God in the process? There is so much focus on the self and gaining “increase” in this modern church. It seems as though most Christians have gone from being just simply prejudiced and misled to being greedy too.

What really worries me are the pastors and preachers who are pocketing all of this wealth for themselves. Most are not donating millions to war relief and food, to name just two things that are much needed in this world.

These preachers are in it for the business. That is why they are million dollar preachers.


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