Hunger Strike in 6th Week at US’ Obama Torture Center at Guantanamo Bay: “No one is accepting food from prison authorities”

“Land of the free, and the home of the brave?” No, not when it comes to the various torture camps created and maintained by the U.S. army. Oh, and America also legalized torture and assassination of U.S. citizens. A civilized nation does not partake in torture and violence. So far, the U.S. has proven to be no better than the terrorist nations. In fact, this “War on Terror” could be called a total joke if it were not so dire and sad. This “fight against terrorists” has only evoked more terror, pain, and death on more innocent people.

It is so saddening to learn of the reality of America’s treatment of other human beings – guilty or not. In the case of Guatanamo Bay, most if not all of those detained (For years!) are not guilty in the least. They have not even been given the decency of a trial. This is not okay. This is a disgrace.

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

The New York Times is reporting that conditions at the United States Government’s Obama Torture Center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have deteriorated so far that the prisoners, in desperation, have resorted to going on a hunger strike to bring their plight to the world’s attention.  The hunger strike, now in its sixth week, is an attempt by the prisoners in the world’s most notorious torture camp to force the US Government of Wall St. sock puppet Barack Obama to either hold trials immediately or release them immediately.

The hunger strike was precipitated when the US torture camp’s guards conducted searches of the cells for imaginary contraband – where would it come from?! – and proceeded to manhandle the prisoners’ Korans.   86 of the prisoners were supposedly “cleared” for release back in 2009 (!) only to have that hope viciously dashed by the Democratic Party uber-commandant of the torture camp Barack…

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2 thoughts on “Hunger Strike in 6th Week at US’ Obama Torture Center at Guantanamo Bay: “No one is accepting food from prison authorities”

  1. We’re very pleased to have been perhaps in some small way partially responsible for the inspiration for your profoundly decent and humane commentary here. The disgrace of the Guantanamo Bay torture center is not an outlying aberration of US policy, but the logical continuation of the desperate methodology of the US capitalist class as it tries to cling to the role of “World’s Sole Superpower”, having left in its wake untolled millions of victims in the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Iran, Libya, Greece, and so many other countries. The fact is that the US Government, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the depraved and bloodthirsty US capitalist class, is the number one terrorist organization in the world. The sooner the world’s workers begin to see through the hypocrisy of the US Government’s entirely fraudulent “dedication to the defense of human rights”, the better. Unless the US working class can be made to wake up from their long slumber and be mobilized to oppose the brutality which the capitalist class of the US visits on our fellow workers throughout the world on a daily basis, it will become the task of the rest of the world’s workers to rise up and crush the US in the very same way that the Soviet Union crushed Nazi Germany in World War II. We here in the US have a lot of work to do – and it’s the support we get from our brothers and sisters like you that inspires us to keep on fighting against “our” vicious government. Thank you!

    Workers of the World, Unite!

    Independent Workers Party of Chicago

  2. I appreciate you stopping by. Sorry for the late comment.

    I am happy to join you in this fight. Though all I can do right now is write and Tweet to spread the word about such atrocities, I hope to become more involved in the near future.

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