Is Life Chance, or Fate?

It is interesting that a lot of people never get to the point in their life where they seriously question their religious beliefs. Often, people will identify themselves with the religion of their parents or the one that they were baptized into. Even a lot of people who consider themselves as “not religious” have chosen not to do research to figure out what it is they do believe.

I find it so interesting when I have a chance to speak with someone who has taken the time to discover what it is that they believe. It is fascinating to hear from people who went from being a theist to an atheist or an agnostic or even a pantheist. I just found out what pantheism meant a couple of months ago, in fact. There is a world of theories and philosophies out there that will broaden your thinking, whether you agree with them or not.

Defining what you believe may take years. It took me a while just to accept that I had become an agnostic. About five months since that point, I am verging onto atheism. I might as well just admit it and be done with it.

Though, there is something looming over me, haunting me, telling me that there is something out there that does connect people and events. Is it just the universe? The stars? I don’t know.

Maybe life really is just full of coincidences that have no real purpose. I have met amazing people that have helped me become a better person and then they leave my life (or I do something to make them want to leave) and it is over with. I suppose everyone’s life path is full of people who are not meant to stay on it the whole way. Perhaps some of them are meant to return later on. Or maybe there was no reason for them being in your life at all and it was just an amazing twist of chance that you came to speak with them or share a few laughs before continuing on this short journey of mortality.


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