Million Dollar Preacher

Do you ever wonder why there are so many “Christian” books, shows, DVDs, and CDs about obtaining wealth and becoming a personal success to enjoy the fruits of God’s blessings before reaching Heaven? I find it so ironic now that I am away from the circular pull of modern Christianity. The essence of Christianity is […]

Hunger Strike in 6th Week at US’ Obama Torture Center at Guantanamo Bay: “No one is accepting food from prison authorities”

Originally posted on Independent Workers Party of Chicago:
The New York Times is reporting that conditions at the United States Government’s Obama Torture Center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have deteriorated so far that the prisoners, in desperation, have resorted to going on a hunger strike to bring their plight to the world’s attention.  The hunger…

Last Conversation With My Last Pastor

“The Bible says that the husband has the final authority when it comes to making decisions. This is the order that God has ordained.” “I don’t believe that. I think it…” “That is enough. You have a demon on you, Sara! You have a problem with submission… an independent spirit is very dangerous.” “I think […]