Don’t Give Up

Dear Reader,
The fact that you are here right now is a miracle. On a cosmic scale, our lives are but a moment. Yet, every single human that has ever lived on the earth has their own hopes, ambitions, and quirks. Our lives are so dynamic and ever-changing.
Think of others who have died well before their time – those who had hoped to accomplish so much more during their brief but special life and never had the chance. Imagine the babies and children who had yet to begin life and never had a chance to really live it.
You see? It really is a wonder that you are alive today, living and breathing and thinking.
Do you know how improbable it is to even have a planet exist and bear life in the vast, cold universe? Even more unlikely is how intelligent beings evolved from what was once a one-celled organism billions of years ago. That’s pretty cool to think about, now isn’t it? The universe in some sense willed you to be sitting here reading this today! You are special in every way.
My dear, you have so much to live for. Trust me, you do!
I don’t know your personal situation. Things may be the worst that they have ever been for you. Maybe you can hardly stand the pain that is lodged deep in your heart and you wonder if it might actually tear out at any moment. Life can be so sad and cruel at times and it breaks my heart when I see someone hurting – even people who have done me wrong. Because I know how it feels to be so upset and broken that you imagine if it might be better to slip away into darkness forever.
Remember that you are not alone. Even the people that you see every day may be battling different feelings and issues you have no idea about. They might be fighting nearly as hard as you are in order to bring meaning to their life, to battle against what is holding them back.
I promise you that the sadness will pass in time. Around the next corner may be your next adventure, your next best friend. I know it’s so hard to think about anything positive when you’ve reached the bottom of a pit. I know what you mean when you say that you can’t imagine feeling anything but how you are feeling now. I have been there a few times – I too have wondered if I could ever be happy again.
There is light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. There is a way out of the deep, deep hole. There really is. No matter how shattered, betrayed, worthless, or lonely you might feel at this moment, in another year, you will feel different than you do now.
If you feel as though you would rather die than live, it is so important that you seek help right away – from understanding friends, help lines, and counsellors. There are even online services that help you access a qualified psychiatrist or counsellor. Allow someone to help you get through this depression or anxiety so that it will not consume you.
It is not your fault that you are feeling this way. You are not a weak person for feeling this way. Sometimes, the brightest, nicest, and smartest people fall prey to depression or hopelessness. But it’s okay. There is always another chance.
Please don’t give up!
When you feel better, there are so many things that you can do for this world to make it better for others. You can help other people in need. There are people starving all over the world. There are causes that help third world women be liberated from abuse and suppression. There are steps you can take to raise awareness and do things to help the environment or wildlife. You can volunteer to help underprivileged children. And so much more.
You can make a difference in someone else’s life. You can mean the world to someone. You will mean the world to someone.
I am honored that you have stumbled upon my blog.  See, there is already something to smile about!
Imagine the places you will go and the things you will do when you are able to. Life holds so much adventure in it if we just reach out and hold on for the ride.
You matter. Always.
Don’t give up.


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