Cruelty & Sexism in Christanity

To the uninformed observer, religion does not appear to be harmful. In fact, many non-religious people will claim that religion is beneficial to those that follow it. I have often heard, “It’s not religion, it’s the people that make it corrupt.” This is not the case at all. Being a former strong Christian, I know […]

Don’t Give Up

Dear Reader, The fact that you are here right now is a miracle. On a cosmic scale, our lives are but a moment. Yet, every single human that has ever lived on the earth has their own hopes, ambitions, and quirks. Our lives are so dynamic and ever-changing. Think of others who have died well […]

Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Bear with me here. I just want to ask the question: Would our brains and intelligence evolve all the more once religion is eliminated from the world? I have noticed that most religious people are hindered from accessing their critical thinking skills. You see, when everything is all laid out for you in a book, […]