Leaving Your Home Town Behind

An old Pastor of mine said that the mind reacts to change in the same way that it reacts to torture. I am not sure how studied that theory is. It obviously doesn’t apply to every situation. Some people thrive on change. Others like to make smaller changes.

Some change is good for every person. I am a person who generally likes change. Different hair, different places, different music, etc.

But how about people? Well, saying good-bye to friends and family in order to be able to leave on a journey is certainly a strange form of change. It is bittersweet. It is jarring. It is intoxicating.

I don’t feel as though I will ever grow up or truly understand certain things unless I travel. Yet, it’s tearing my insides apart leaving my cousins and friends, and especially my sister behind in order to chase my lust to wander… and to work for a decent wage, of course.

Out there is a world of change waiting for all of us. Will we view it as an adventure, or as a tragedy?


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