How Popular Food Companies Treat Third World Countries

Oxfam Canada has a program called “Behind the Brands”. This program checks out ten of the biggest food companies and how they measure up to their claims of being ethical.

Here is what an article on Co.Exist (Fast Company) says about even higher scoring companies:

“Oxfam explains in a report that their “programs fail to address the root causes of hunger and poverty because companies lack adequate policies to guide their own supply chain operations.””

Rather than quote the whole article, here is the link to the whole thing:

It isn’t surprising, but it is maddening that large and “reputable” (Bah!) companies take advantage of resources and people in developing countries. I would also like to add that in addition to taking water away from areas where it is already scarce (Without providing the employees with safe, clean water!!), they are bottling water for sale and thus adding to the production of plastic products. Plastic, as some may know, is both harmful to the environment and to human health when liquids are ingested from it.

Nestle in particular has been accused of bottling water in areas where there are already shortages. This is just so sad. Nestle is a famed “family” brand, but apparently only if you happen to live on the “right side of the ocean”.

The bottom line is that there is never, ever an excuse to take advantage of people. I don’t care how big of a corporation you are. Wait. You? Wow, I always seem to think of corporations as a monster of sorts.

These big brands have taken a large role in ruining the planet while diminishing the quality of life for people who live near the production areas. Again, we need to start being more aware of who we are buying from and what sort of ethics these companies we want to buy from possess.

I want to also make a note that all of these brands are essentially junk food brands. Nestle, Mars, Pepsi-Co, etc. wouldn’t be so big and greedy if consumers understood and applied good eating habits. Not only are these companies wreaking havock on the third world companies, they are also producing food and beverages that negatively affect their customers’ health.

We need to be much more conscious of where we are purchasing products from. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, buying local and organic/natural produce is going to do the world a lot of good. We have to start somewhere. Why not begin today?


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