Why did it take centuries to abolish slavery in the Southern U.S.?

Why do few people care about slavery, torture, killing, and raping in other countries?

Why do many people blow their money on over sized houses, fast cars, designer clothes, closets full of shoes, liposuction, Digital Cable, etc. without the slightest effort to give some money to the less fortunate?

Why will some people sign petitions to stop gay marriage or end abortion, but will refuse to sign petitions to stop violence in other countries? In fact, the same people who are against such “moral infractions” such as homosexuality are more likely to support this “War on Terrorism” and they will even justify things like prisoner torture.

Why do people turn a blind eye to innocent people being injured and killed by American soldiers and American weapons?

Why did I start being concerned with all of this?

Well, I started to question things a few years ago why so many Christian leaders were all for the War on Iraq when Bush was President. I also wondered about the callous view that many Christians hold against people, even in North America, who are killed or murdered. They always seem to give some sort of explanation to do with the peoples’ morality or beliefs. They even justify children being shot at a school. They say, “The system took God out of schools, so He won’t protect children from pyscho killers.” It’s the way they say it that gets me – they sound so smug and haughty. Why?

What really did me in was last October with the shooting of Malala. I remember that I lost my job on the same day, but I couldn’t stop reading the paper of the atrocity done to one so young – a girl who wanted an education for herself and others so vehemently.

I couldn’t stop crying. A lady at my office asked if I would be okay financially and I said I wasn’t even crying about that. I told myself that when I finally got out of debt, I was going to help people and children who were victims of terrible societies. It will be a hefty task to be sure.

It’s interesting that my sister and I were watching a Bob Dylan documentary last weekend, and I found myself drawn to his girlfriend Joan Baez. She seemed very thoughtful and gentle. I did some research on her later and found that she was an activist for human rights as well as the environment. I can’t stop listening to her song called “Song of Bangladesh.” My goodness, I am going to do what I can to help people just like Joan and others like her. She used her art and compassion to inspire and help others. With my writing and with the funds from my writing, I want to do something!!

I hope that this generation will be a lot more proactive in making change. Even North America, the place that has thrived in the midst of poverty in many other areas of the world, has become unforgiving to its own people. I have a couple of friends that are passionate to make changes for the world. I used to think it was great, but then I would start thinking about something else after reading their infographics or thought provoking posts. I hoped things would change, but there was still a huge disconnect. I always used to think, “Someday.”

So many things do need to change. If you have a passion for something that needs help in the world, be it political reform, women’s rights, wildlife protection, anti violence, etc. then do some research on things you can do in order to start making changes. You need to get involved. I am writing this as a reminder to myself as well. It’s great that we feel bad about things going on, but we need to do more than just sympathize.

Are you willing to let go of certain conveniences or to risk having some friends turn away from you for the sake of acting on the many issues that need to be solved in this world?

If not, then why?


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