How Do You Really Help the World?

It can be horridly frustrating to know that so many things need to change in this world while wondering what it is we can really do to help. Here’s the good news: One person can do a lot to invoke change. Seriously. Think of Mother Theresa. Think of people who devote their lives to feeding the poor or helping the environment. The thing about these activists and philanthropists is that they inspire others to also take steps to change the world.

Guess what? You can help too. Today. Now. How?

1) Support a cause  by creating petitions, signing petitions, giving donations, being an advocate for a given cause, etc.

2) Be a Responsible Shopper. You can really help drive change by shopping ethically and responsibly. Are you against sweatshop companies? Good. Don’t shop there. Are you for companies that are sustainable and ethical? Great. Shop there. Buy local when possible. Support fair trade brands. Get the idea?

3) Don’t just recycle. Reduce the amount of things that you buy. Just about anything can be recycled, but if we reduce the amount of items that are recycled, then there will be even less energy used to re-process plastics, glass, cardboard, etc. Reuse what you can.

4) Raise awareness by writing about causes that you care about – Use Twitter, Facebook, blogs (*Ahem*). It’s a good place to start. It also helps you as an individual to stay engaged with what is happening in the world.

5) Smile. Laugh. Be kind to others. Don’t post hateful or negative things on social media sites. Do, however, post things that inspire or make people think of things that exist outside of their own lives. Stay positive and the energy will rub off on others.

6) Also, you are what you watch and listen to. If you’re filling your brain with pointless junk like the Kardashians or The Bachelor or smutty gossip magazines, well, it’s such a waste of time and brain cells. Just saying. What I really hate about this stuff is that it’s often marketed to young women, and it makes us seem like shallow idiots. If we want to be taken seriously, then we need to act and think seriously.

Do you have anything to add?


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