Yes, the Bible is Sexist

Religion always seems to step in and attempt to keep women in subservient or, at best, in neutral roles. The damaging Bible verses that speak about women’s roles is frequently brought to attention in modern churches (Regardless of denomination). This is really just traditionalism’s desperate attempt to use “God’s Word” in order to keep a woman from finding her true calling.

While all of this is likely self-explanatory to the non-religious or to the more “liberal” Christians… I have to admit that this is something of a rant. Maybe a religious person will read this and think twice before they accept the words of a man calld Paul who lived thousands of years ago and claimed to know something about life.

To a reasonable, informed, equality-minded person, phrases such as “The wife is to obey her husband” or “The young women should marry and be keepers of the home” are not only insulting, but they are also understood to be very damaging to a woman’s identity and to others’ perception of her role and value. When you tell a human adult that she is to obey, or submit, to another human adult in order to be in line with God, what you are reallly saying is that she is less of a person – an unequal match to his intellect, potential, and already inflated status.

Let us get something straight here. Equality is equality. No one can argue that God respects women while they spew out the above mentioned rubbish at weddings, Bible teachings, and sermons.

On a side note: I always wondered why there have been so many sermons preached on the importance of a woman’s role (In addition to why gay is bad, why rock music is bad, why global warming isn’t really happening, why God will judge you if you don’t vote Conservative, etc.), when Jesus made it clear that a Christian’s main mission is to go out into the world and preach the Gospel? To love others? Hypocrisy. I understand that not every single church preaches hate dogma, but the bashing of independent females is so prevalent in modern churches that it is scary.

What many, many Christians don’t realize is that the word “submit” was actually added to the New Testament Scripture. The statement in Ephesians 5:22 (Every ambitious, educated, driven, smart woman’s nightmare passage) literally said, in the original Greek, “Wives to their own husbands.” Yep.

Looks like the translators got nasty and decided to add in the terrible “submit” word, causing much misunderstanding and prejudice in churches for years to come. Of course, bigots and control freaks just ate that mistake right up.

This should make one wonder: “What else have they added, subtracted, or edited while translating the Bible?”


The disturbing thing is that, even if that above mentioned verse addition had not been made, there are more verses of that nature and they give preachers, pastors, and Bible teachers ammunition to drive their argument into their listener’s skulls.

Really, this Scripture was written by a man well after Jesus’ time. He was stating his own ideals and philosophies in a time where women weren’t even educated, let alone regarded as equal, intelligent human beings. Do you really want to be a part of that old belief system? I hope not.

Pastors today so gullibly (Or, intentionally?!) accept this old way of thinking as Gospel and then thrust it into the faces of those sitting in the pews. At least the smart ones fume over it and question it. But others accept it with eager, open arms as they do with everything else.

This is just one of the various reasons why people need to sit down and do their own research before claiming the Bible’s inerrancy and throwing around harmful scripture verses that might just ruin someone’s life.


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