Scary Stories That Keep People in Christianity

Three posts in one day. Wow. I promise to pace myself from now on. But what do you do when you have things on your mind and you need to get them out? I can’t post things like this on my writing blog. I have a good writer following on there and they might think […]

How Popular Food Companies Treat Third World Countries

Oxfam Canada has a program called “Behind the Brands”. This program checks out ten of the biggest food companies and how they measure up to their claims of being ethical. Here is what an article on Co.Exist (Fast Company) says about even higher scoring companies: “Oxfam explains in a report that their “programs fail to address […]


Why did it take centuries to abolish slavery in the Southern U.S.? Why do few people care about slavery, torture, killing, and raping in other countries? Why do many people blow their money on over sized houses, fast cars, designer clothes, closets full of shoes, liposuction, Digital Cable, etc. without the slightest effort to give […]

Freelance Writing May Not Be For You

Freelance Writing Reality Many writers might think, “It would be great to write for a living!” This would be true if we had control over what we wrote, and if the pay system worked in our favour. Instead, if you become a freelance writer or a ghost writer for a variety of clients, you will […]

How Do You Really Help the World?

It can be horridly frustrating to know that so many things need to change in this world while wondering what it is we can really do to help. Here’s the good news: One person can do a lot to invoke change. Seriously. Think of Mother Theresa. Think of people who devote their lives to feeding […]

Yes, the Bible is Sexist

Religion always seems to step in and attempt to keep women in subservient or, at best, in neutral roles. The damaging Bible verses that speak about women’s roles is frequently brought to attention in modern churches (Regardless of denomination). This is really just traditionalism’s desperate attempt to use “God’s Word” in order to keep a […]