What Is Fair Trade?

You have most likely seen Fair Trade products by now. Many coffee companies sell Fair Trade products, and you most likely see one of the two Fair Trade logos at your local market.

But, what is Fair Trade exactly? Who and what does it benefit?

Fair Trade is a global movement that implements both social and environmental standards to protect producers and the environment.

It used to be something of a niche market, but its popularity has been spreading. It goes to show that awareness is key if you want to change anything in this world.

Fair Trade exists because of the traditional market’s lack of accountability, traceability, and reliability (Children making 3 cents per hour with no breaks = slavery).

Also, many producers around the world do not have direct access to markets, often due to location, lack of transport, or simply lack of capacity. As a result, many producers are forced to sell to middle-men, and earn less than market-value for their goods.

Fair Trade seeks direct relationships with producers. It brings decency back to the market place.

Check out the Fair Trade Canada website. It is also a great resource for news on everything to do with Fair Trade. 🙂


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