Why Not Organic?

While awareness is certainly spreading when it comes to eating organic (Read: Pesticide-free, chemical-free, and hormone-free) food, many people will still label natural foodies as odd balls. My one friend thought my parents were crazy, for instance, when I told her that they bought organic mac and cheese.

Let us not forget article after article in reputable publications challenging organic food. I am at a loss for words for people who make out it is some strange, new phenomenon that should not be trusted. Um, why should one trust food that has been drenched in chemicals or meat that has been injected with hormones and antibiotics since the animal was born?

Our stomachs are not garbage cans. We were not meant to down two cans of coke per day (A.K.A. liquid poison) or eat meat that is full of harmful hormones and other chemicals.

While organic will never be infallible (There may be residue of pollutants caused by acid rain, leeching through soil, air pollution, etc.), is it not better to buy and eat something that has been grown naturally as opposed to being tampered with by synthetic substances?

More on this later. But there is something to be said for eating food that is clean,not doused in cancer causing chemicals.


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