Hunger Games: An Allegory of Today

Hunger Games. I read the book before it came out in the theatre. The fiction that I enjoy reading about most is survival or adventure novels. So, naturally, the strong yet vulnerable Katniss won me over as I travelled with her in spirit on a disturbing, fast-paced journey from poverty, to the elaborate setting of […]

Against Slavery? Good. Don’t Buy From Walmart.

We all know that huge companies like Walmart are destroying the planet. Some, well, most, just prefer to ignore it. In fact, there’s a scary percentage of highly respected church leaders that are all anti-environment. Oh, and they’ll preach from Jesus’ sermons telling us how we should show the world our love – and then […]

Why Not Organic?

While awareness is certainly spreading when it comes to eating organic (Read: Pesticide-free, chemical-free, and hormone-free) food, many people will still label natural foodies as odd balls. My one friend thought my parents were crazy, for instance, when I told her that they bought organic mac and cheese. Let us not forget article after article […]